My Inner Gollum – Brian Moore

Brian Moore on Desert Island Discs – a long running BBC Radio show – a a frank and personal interview on an imaginary desert island:  the interviewee gets to take six tunes to their island, to play each on the show and talk about why these are  important to them.

Brian Moore’s six choices span from Mozart’s The Magic Flute to  Barber’s Adagio for Strings , Pink Floyd  and The Stranglers to a bit of “musical beligerance” from Green Day.

Inner GollumBrian Moore talks about his inner Gollum – “the part of me that will come in and keep me down” including the time in 1981 when Moore played a role in the England Rugby team’s victory in the Grand Slam.   You’ll not see him in photos of celebrations: at the point of victory he didn’t feel he deserved to be there, and did not appear – his inner Gollum was voicing that overpowering self doubt and kept him away.

brian mooreBy the time he retired, he’d earned dozens of England caps and played in three grand slams. But he discovered the obsessive determination he’d shown as a player was not so useful off the pitch.

“In sport, the ‘I won’t give up’, ‘carry on training’ and ‘going again and again and again’, that’s rewarded because people say ‘isn’t that fantastic ?’ but when it comes to normal life, you can’t solve everything like that.”

Moore also talks about training and working as a lawyer and a  manicurist and of how he overcame early struggles.  Even if you hate rugby and have no interest in voices this is a great interview –  Moore talks like he lives and how he played – with an endearingly frank and honest courage.

To listen to Brian Moore talking with Kirsty Young click the link below to go to the iBBC player – you get as a bomus the end of the archers and some ads for future shows first – it starts at 1:45mins.

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