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If you live in a westernized society and experience   “psychosis” – voices, visions; beliefs; altered states and other stuff  then you likely have discovered that if you talk about it with friends family and strangers, and especially people with stethoscopes, then those people around you typically fall into one  of these patterns of behaviour: run away; wet the pants; or call the cops thinking they are best able to help. It’s often all three.

Here’s a different place you can try ……


Q1. Who do you hope will find your website useful?

My website is primarily aimed at anyone suffering from ‘Psychosis’ – ideally leaning more towards ‘Coping Strategies’ and how people manage to live and cope with ‘Psychosis’ [including. unusual experience, beliefs, auditory and visual hallucinations…]

 Q2.    What do you hope they might find there?

All the information in one place. Coping Strategies that may help (either from the Blog, on Strategies, or Medication) or the online Forum. Hopefully the website provides everything you need to know, or wanted to know about Psychosis in one place, featuring events to network and connect, and learn from and with a didicated Facebook page and identity, provide online contacts to online support communities.

3.    How did you come to this point, and decide this was something you wanted to do?

When I was diagnosed in January 2009, I was dying to meet other people, to hear what they have been through, how it is for them, am I the same or different?

It was 3 years before the Community Treatment Team set up a meeting with another young person who had suffered psychosis.  We swopped stories and it was a big relief in my road to recovery.  I’m hoping the website may connect and provide and information for those in a similar position one day.


4.    How can people participate and contribute?

I have dedicated ‘Feature of the Month’ page, that has seen the likes of Rufus May (Psychologist who works with people hearing voices and did the channel 4 documentary on ‘The Doctor who Hears Voices) August 2012, and Rachel Waddingham (personal recovery website) for September 2012.

If there is a website, book, or event/organisation happening with regards to Psychosis, then please email: and we can explore featuring this on the website. Alternatively, to get involved in the online community, join the Forum and communicate with others who have Psychosis or link up via Facebook.

Q4. What does the future hold for Psycope?

We are branching out into a sister website, with a ‘Young People’s Hearing Voices Group’ for Hampshire in the UK.  This will be split into two groups for young people aged 12-18 and young adults 18-25, where support for young people hearing voices throughout Hampshire will be offered. As a branch of Voice Collective (, a youth support agency in London.

With the set up of this group we will be able to offer help to young people hearing voices in the South of England, hoping it will eventually work out to having a support group in each region of England for young people. Who knows what the future may hold?

About recoverynetwork:Toronto

We believe people can and do recover from "mental illness" - because we are living it. We believe in the power of supporting each other: learning from and with each other. You are welcome to join us..
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