America’s Medicated Kids – Louis Theroux


Louis Theroux spends time with America’s diagnosed and medicated kids.

You may be left wondering just who’s disorder is being treated by the kids taking the medications.

Phamily mental health

In one family mom proudly displays the phamily pharmacy – even the phamily dog is taking “anti-anxiety” medication. [some are on canine “antipsychotics”] and family conversations seem to revolve around psychiatric symptoms, diagnoses, and medications.

This is the all too common situation that  Rossa Forbes found herself immersed in before choosing a different path…


This is a saddening portait of the latest chapter in the epidemic of mental illness described by Robert Whitaker that is devastating America and other countries that have sacrificed their own childrens’ souls to the profits of pharmaceutical-psychiatry.

The World Health Organisation says that living in a counrty that has this kind of understanding of and treatment approach for mwental illness is the single biggest predictor of NOT recovering from serious mental illness.



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