The Medicated Child


If you found yesterdays’ post difficult to watch then gird yourself for this one. From 2008, PBS Frontline documentary The Medicated Child.


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2 Responses to The Medicated Child

  1. Denise Hisey says:

    We received considerable pressure from our son’s school to put him on ADD meds. I refused. He is incredibly bright and I felt the meds would turn him into a robot. It wasn’t the easy route, by any means. HIs dad and I sought counseling to find ways we could improve home life.

    Now that he’s an adult, I asked him if he felt we made the right decision -if it would have been easier for him to have the meds. He said he’s glad we didn’t medicate him and did the counseling instead.

    I think Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and other brilliant minds would have been diagnosed with bipolar, ADD, ADHD etc and had they been medicated never would have reached their potential.


  2. It strikes me most of them have lost touch with the ‘normal distribution curve’ of child behaviour – they’re snuffing out potential future creativity, future leaders, future explorers, future writers, etc. And probably most of it is really about lousy parenting skills and lousy teachers as well as misguided doctors, etc…. Kind of horrifying….


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