fuck “stigma”

fuck stigma - understanding stigma

easy print [pdf] version fuck stigma – understanding stigma

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  1. jennydevildoll says:

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    Personally I like the word “stigma” for it’s harsh, thorny sound. Makes me think of Hildegard Von Bingen bleeding mystically (yeah, that’s “stigmaTA”, but they’re close). Still, the sentiment of what this says is very true. I’m getting over a physical illness, I still want to write about what goes on at the “Outsider” Art Fair.


  2. christinef says:

    When do you think someone is actually going to listen, that the problem lies in the mindset of the system. When they actually revamp this system to include more survivors as counsellors/ case managers will people begin to feel supported, listened to and understood and the healing can begin.


    • dave umbongo says:

      Hi ChristineF….when do you think someone will listen?
      I’m not sure if there is a “they” .
      Methinks there is only I and we and tis the same I and we who are the only ones who can do anything…..
      I’m right with you on the more listening….


  3. Fucking brilliant!!


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