Minds That Matter – Human Rights Mental Health & Addictions – 28 Mar 2013

kitty lundy memorial lecture 2013

Kitty Lundy Memorial Lecture

2013 Kitty Lundy Memorial Lecture

Thursday, March 28, 2013

York University, Keele Campus
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (LA&PS)

Opening Address Kitty Lundy Memorial Lecture Part I:
Location: Underground Restaurant, Student Centre, York University

11:30 am Registration
12:00 pm Lunch
12:30 pm Welcome: Vice Dean Kim Michasiw
                     Introduction to Event: Associate Dean Research Naomi Adelson
12:40 pm Opening Address: Pat Capponi
1:15 pm     Q and A: Chaired by Professor Andrea Daley, School of Social Work
1:45 pm     Closing Remarks:Associate Dean Research Naomi Adelson
Parallel Sessions 


Session 1Mental Health Recovery and Wellness Approaches +/-

Location: Ross S802

Led by Professors Atsuko Matsuoka and Ann Thompson

This workshop consists of several components to address mental health recovery and wellness concepts. We will begin by discussing some key components of mental health recovery, anti-stigma and discrimination work along with Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP), an Evidence-Based Practice approach to recovery.

Then we will introduce the audience to an innovative program which utilizes these components to support consumer/survivors achieve success in their lives, especially in the areas of self-help, employment and education.

This program is called PREFER (Peer Recovery Education for Employment and Resilience) and is currently funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation since 2010. You will hear individual success stories and what PREFER participants believe is essential to promote a personal foundation of healing, wellness and recovery as well as learn how to actively participate in creating a better environment for those who experience mental health challenges.

Session 2Community Mobilization +/-

Location: 626 York Research Tower

Led by Professor Andrea Daley

Led by Professor Andrea Daley

This workshop will address grassroots/community mobilization initiatives within psychiatric survivor communities. Drawing upon the experiences of community panel members, the workshop will introduce participants to the history of organizing within psychiatric survivor communities and ‘how’ community organizing happens; contemporary issues addressed by various initiatives including poverty and employment, violence, and alternatives to medical perspectives; and, how mad history and mad identities are being recognized and celebrated. Overall, the workshop will provide participants the opportunity to engage with thought provoking ideas that challenge dominant psychiatric and mental health perspectives and that seek to resist systemic oppressions associated with such perspectives.

Session 3Conceptualizations of “normality”/ “abnormality” in mental health +/-

Location: 280A York Lanes

Led by Professor Nick Mulé

This workshop will address the psychiatric and mental health structural and policy context in which notions of ‘normality’ and ‘abnormality’ are determined and responded to through service/program development.

Kitty Lundy Memorial Lecture Part II

       Robert R McEwen Auditorium – Schulich Building


Barbara Hall, Chief Commissioner, Ontario Human Rights Commission

Minds that Matter: Human Rights, Mental Health and Addictions

Barbara Hall was appointed Chief Commissioner of the Province of Ontario’s Human Rights Commission in 2005. She is currently President of the Canadian Association of Statutory Human Rights Agencies (CASHRA), a network that brings together Canada’s territorial, provincial and federal human rights agencies to protect, promote and advance human rights across the country.

event poster [pdf]: UofYork Kitty Lundy Memorial Lecture 2013
full program and registration http://www.yorku.ca/laps/lundy/


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