85 CTOs – the cost in human rights of reducing hospital readmissions by 1

Cochrane LibraryAn independent meta study by the Cochrane Collaboration concluded that it takes:

  • 85 people having their rights removed and recieving compulsory psychiatric “treatment” under a CTO to achieve a single reduction in hospital readmissions….
  • 235 people being placed under compulsory chemical internment in order to achieve a single reduction in arrests
  • 27 people compulsorily drugged to reduce the homeless count by 1

The authors do state it was a small study, but again…

  •   27  CTOs to prevent one episode of homelessness
  •   85  CTOs to prevent one readmission
  • 238  CTOs to prevent one arrest.

Evidence based medicine, eh?

You call that “healthcare”?

Surely a better name for this is good ol’ fashioned discrimination – and  against whom?

Research shows that the majority of people given diagnoses of  serious mental illness experienced adverse childhood experiences. 

fuck stigma button


Well, fuck “stigma”…

it’s called “discrimination”.

oh! Canada!



data source…

Compulsory community and involuntary outpatient treatment for people with severe mental disorders

Steve R Kisely, Leslie Anne Campbell, Neil J Preston
Editorial Group: Cochrane Schizophrenia Group
Published Online: 16 FEB 2011

Plain language summary

The evidence found in this review suggests that compulsory community treatment may not be an effective alternative to standard care.

We examined the effectiveness of compulsory community treatment for people with severe mental illness through a systematic review of all relevant randomised controlled clinical trials. Only two relevant trials were found and these provided little evidence of efficacy on any outcomes such as health service use, social functioning, mental state, quality of life or satisfaction with care. No data were available for cost and unclear presentation of data made it impossible to assess the effect on mental state and most aspects of satisfaction with care. In terms of numbers needed to treat, it would take 85 outpatient commitment orders to prevent one readmission, 27 to prevent one episode of homelessness and 238 to prevent one arrest.




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