Voices Matter

mairus romme and sandra esher

Voices Matter is a 23 min movie documenting the World Hearing Voices Congress 2013 in Cardiff, Wales.

The hearing voices movement is 25 years old began when Patsy Hague asked of her psychiatrist Dr Marius Romme :

“how come you believe in God you don’t see or hear but you don’t believe in the voices that I do hear?”

Hearing voices groups, modelled on groups already runnning in The Netherlands, started up in England now number 200, and this has grown into to an international  “network of networks” in 27 countries.

you can also watch Voices Matter at MadinAmerica.com

Intervoice and hearing Voices Network – World Map

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  1. Loved this video!! Dave, that Patsy must have been some smart cookie too…. 🙂 And imagine Marius – listening + hearing ….


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