Dying By Prescription: Oxycontin controversy


Global TV’s  Current affairs show 16×9 [Canada] 

Published on Aug 22, 2012

Part 1 – Oxycotin was touted as a miracle, pain relief with few side effects and less addictive than morphine. Soon it was the most prescribed drug in Canada, with tragic results. We track Oxycotin’s fall from grace, ending in 100 families filing a lawsuit. Jennifer Tryon reports.

Part 2 – When Oxycontin hit the market it was a big money maker – a drug to relieve pain all day long, an alternative to addictive narcotic pain pills. Prescriptions soared, but it wasn’t long before stories of addiction, abuse and side effects surfaced. Jennifer Tryon reports.

Part 3 – In the US, the company that owned Oxycontin made a shocking admission – it lied, misleading doctors and the public, all in the name of pill popping profit. That left claims from thousands of Americans and Canadians, hooked like drug addicts. Jennifer Tryon reports.

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