A Scotsman and his Jacuzzi

Scottish JaccuziTis a hot ‘n. Aye Tis that.
Tis even hot in Scotland -which is almost as rare as a Scotsman winning at Wimbledon. 

Here’s a canny hot Tip for dealing with the heat – Edinburgh style.

This health and lifestyle tip is brought to you by our friends at…. Positive Mental Health Support Group.

Obligatory ass-saving caution/ plausible deniability statement :
Note this is a clean wheelie bin – kept aside since new for the purpose and never used for whatever purpose you might use yours for.
Tis a wheelie bin, ye Ken? ye may need to clean yours out wi a wee splash o vodka.

A Scotsman and his Jaccuzi

You always know the Weather is HOT in Scotland when you take your dog out the ba…ck door in the morning and you find your neighbour enjoying the sunshine !!

more on how heat makes you hot 

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3 Responses to A Scotsman and his Jacuzzi

  1. Hayley John says:

    Loving the rhyme DU! 😉 Soulful stuff. 😀


  2. Hope Happens says:

    I wonder if I should print this picture, just to remind myself of the things I am NOT doing that I am proud to NOT be doing …


    • Dave Umbongo says:

      hi hopehappens
      why not?
      what is “should”?
      there is only what we do do
      and what we don’t do

      aw heck, just print it fer the fun of it
      especially if it helps you take joy in what you do do and and in what you don’t do
      now I’m starting to sound like Sting
      do do do do do do do doo
      Dave U


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