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Toronto cafe hosts monthly meeting on hearing voices

Toronto Hearing Voices Cafe featured in Toronto Star today. A big thank you to two very cool people reporter Verity Stevenson and photographer Marcus Oleniuk. And a big thank you to artist Dora Garcia for the inspiration, and of course … Continue reading

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Work of “The Devil”

F#ck The Devil Too Continue reading

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Use the force, Luke

Luke Skywalker hears voices – – having seen his fellow pilots try and fail, the voice of Obi Wan Kenobe’s comes to him just when he needs it help him let go, and find courage to disable the Death Star. … Continue reading

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Ontario human rights chief calls for end to prison solitary confinement

Isolation warps minds. If you’re one of the hundreds who saw the post on Total Isolation, about  the BBC Horizon episode reproducing an experiment into the effects of solitary confinement, then you’ll understand. If you haven’t seen it yet, you … Continue reading

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