May The Fourth Be With You

Yoda 8Yoda:

       “Always with you:

‘It cannot be done!’ 

“Hear you nothing that I say?”

Words like:

“I can’t “
“It’ll never work”

These are mighty powerful ways to make anything we try even harder, less likely to happen.
That is the voices of The Dark Side.

Whatever you call it, “The Force” is everywhere,
Within you, around you, between you – strong it is.

The difference in how things turn out is mostly in how we choose to work with it, harness it, ride the wave.

Today strong it is – The Fourth with you may be it.

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1 Response to May The Fourth Be With You

  1. maieliiv says:

    Good one – I do feel the Force is with me – without it I would not have be able to extricate myself from the dark side – the psychiatric industry. Without it I would not be writing my book – a magazine editor has asked to be the first to review it and a doctor said he would sell the book in his office. Canadian psychiatrist Abram Hoffer used to ask his ‘clients’ what they were going to do when they were well. Many cried because no one had ever told them they could get well. And most of them did get well – 5000 of them – without pharmaceuticals.. US psychiatrist Peter Breggin also connects with the Force with his use of empathic therapy. Saw ‘Healing Voices’ last Friday the film. Felt the love and concern the members of the audience had for each other. Generally does not happen in psychiatry. May the Force continue to be with you Kevin,


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