55% of Doctors do it

Who hears voices?
If you think its only a few people with broken brains then you’re wrong and you’ve been duped – maybe you’re listening to the wrong voices.

Many researchers have become fascinated with the hearing voices “phenom” and have been asking questions like “so how many people do?”, “and how many health people do ?”, and “how many healthy young adults hear voices?”.

Well here’s the result from one study in which the answer was 38.7% of healthy young adults hear voices that no one else does.

And, the voices ask”  “exactly which population of  healthy young adults did they survey to get such a crazy result?”

Why, none other than third, fourth, fifth and sixth year medical Medical students in a leading Spanish university – Spain’s finest, future doctors.

So, hearing voices is not only a sign of being a perfectly healthy young adult, its practically a qualification for becoming a Doctor.

Can you hear me now?

the 55%



You can read the study, published in Neurologia, 18th Feb, 2012  here…

hallucinations and aberrant perseptions are prevalent among the young healthy adult population. Garcia-Ptacek.Azorin Salmador



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