Those who hear voices…

those who hear voices and those who havent yetWhat distinguishes those of us who hear voices from those of us who someone termed last week “non-voice hearers”.

Time – there are those of us who hear voices and those of us who have yet to hear voices – or a voice.

What distinguished those of us who hear voices and are ok from those who hear voices and struggle.  Truth is we don’t really know but what  we do know is that research overwhelmingly indicates that those who do struggle also struggle in some other or many aspects of their life.

Of course the story we’re told is that they struggle because of the voices – but what if the greater part of their struggle comes from the way we treat them?

What if the greater part of their struggle is because of the stories we tell about them, the way we isolate them and cast them out …because they do and we haven’t yet?

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4 Responses to Those who hear voices…

  1. Loreen Lee says:

    You got it Kevin. I have a good friend, Rik I met through Webook, who writes beautiful satire on this subject to the author’s voice hearing…. But I’m back to give you this article I just found. You’ll appreciate the relevance, although it is specifically written re the U.S…..because….well you know the situation!!! (And yes, maybe I can make the book even better as ‘propaganda’????) In other words I think we can all appreciate the need to be reminded of what is going on!!! 🙂


  2. Loreen Lee says:

    Yes. I appreciate the concern with stigma. I believe that all people should be treated with dignity, whether you are one of the prophets like Moses who heard the voice of God, or Mohammed who, like perhaps St. Joan spoke to angels, or higher orders of intelligence.
    As I may belong to a generation prior to some on this site, before PTSD was even recognized I was assessed to have ‘schizophrenia’. I found through writing my ‘story’, that this perhaps was an error, but have no way to contest such a diagnosis, even though any voices I have had have not been confused as being outside of my control, or exterior to my conscious thought processes. But let that be- despite all the prodroma characteristics, and that acceptance that a duality of diagnosis is a standard psychiatric practice, I have no need to seek redress, as I do feel and even ‘know’ or have the self-assurance that ‘all has been overcome’. Of course, on can ‘never know’ what lies ahead, but I shall take the growth into my ‘latter years’ in the hope that the stigma will not cause me undue difficulties. (Always the first thing noticed by doctors who view my medical history for the first time though, of course!!!! I’m sure some of you see the humor here!!)
    Anyway, I just googled (no spacing) my story – portalsofparadox, and after several years, I am now comfortably over the 100 mark in the number of readers or constant visitors- 113 this morning. I really must get back to the rewrites which I continue to transfer from my computer to the Webook site on the internet. I wonder if I will ever finish it, or perhaps if I cannot for any reason, those readers can just ‘come to their own conclusions, and ‘happy endings’…..whatever!!!. Peace!!!

    Maybe If I got back to my writing, I could be more disciplined with respect to posting comments on internet sites like this one!!!!! (Pray!!! for me!!!! or if you prefer- that possibility!!!) 🙂


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