F#ck that! meditation

Meditation isn’t a fix or cure
and there is no right way to do it
there is the way[s] you do it
and all the other ways
and then there’s this…

f*ck that meditation





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4 Responses to F#ck that! meditation

  1. Andrea says:

    I used this meditation a couple of months ago as an intro to our Wellness Committee workshop on self-care! It was VERY well received (LOL)!


  2. Hi Suzan
    I’m good, thank you.
    Yup its a good one – wanted to makes sure I could find it – which is exactly how I came to start this thing.

    How are you?


  3. Suzan Kennedy says:

    LOL Kevin! Heard this one before. It is GOOD! How the hell are you doing anyway? Hopefully staying IN TROUBLE as always!

    Hope you are well!


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