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hear ny voiceHear My Voice 

Hear my voice is a group is for those who embrace the voices they hear and want a space where the voices can speak for themselves in their own voice and to dialogue with other voices.

If you want to learn ways you can do that, practice finding and using your power and new ways of communicating with voices you hear then then it might be a place for you too.

This group is not therapy, or treatment, whatever they are. If you’re looking for someone who can make voices go away then you’re still looking: you will not find that here.

You join entirely at your own risk. Make your own choices.

all voices safe hereThis is a place for exploring, asking, sharing insights and making sense of your experiences both in seriousness and also having a bit of a laugh.

Hear My Voice is  Facebook group, you can connect with it via the link below…
Clearly you’ll need to have a facebook account [d’oh!]

Joining process
We have a simple process for joining where we make it clear what we’re about  and how our group works. You get to choose if that’s for you and decide if you can handle it.

Once you accept that we join you in; if you decide its not for you then you can leave at any time.

So, that linkety-link thing: Hear My Voice

Hear My Voice 
hear ny voiceFor voices, by voices, of voices

What do we mean by “voice”?

There are many kinds, and anything and everything can have a voice. Whatever you want it to mean is what it means to you – just don’t expect it will mean the same to others. Whatever  it does mean might also change for you.

Usually, in here,  it simply means: “voice others don’t hear”. That’s it – there ain’t no need to make it any more complicated.

If someone else has a different meaning than you then do not deny them that, just share yours – that’s how we learn.

The group is founded on these:  “The Truths”
They are not “rules”, but truths that bear being spoken.

We hold these truths to be self-evident…
1. That all voices – body or not – are created equal. Those with bodies are no better than those without, those without bodies no better than those with bodies.

2. We have the right to bear and express emotions – we encourage it- but not to use them as weapons against others.

3. We accept conflict is a part of life and seek to explore it not shut it down – it is simply difference from which we can, and hope, to learn.

4. I am not to blame for what has happened to me or what might happen to me but only I can take responsibility for what I do in this moment.

5. None of us holds “The Truth” there is none [not even that one] – but we can all hold a piece of it and share it.

6. Sharing works better than shouting and telling.

7. We are all messed up – some of the time, some-how.

8. We can all heal – in our own way and in our own time.

9. None of us can fix another –none of us need diagnosing and we don’t need fixing.

10. Nothing works for everybody – just because I found something that works for me doesn’t mean it’s the answer for you..

11. Anything can work for somebody.

12. The only way I know what works for me is to try it.

13. We don’t tell each other who or what they are, what ‘s wrong with them or what they need to do…

14. Should-ing on me and should-ing on you is usually experienced as oppressive, even if not meant that way. Should nearly always sucks so just fuck off with “the shoulds”, ok?

15. Don’t do as I say – make your own choices…

16. Hatred and rage directed at others is oppressive – and if I do that it raises the questions: what is hurting me? And what can am I going to do about it?

17. The right to have my voice heard does not include the right to abuse others – nor the right to stop others being heard.

18. Don’t forget to be awesome.

19. If you come here to dump your shit on others please, just f*ck off – ok?

20. If you can’t handle these truths, go away, go do whatever you need to do until you can handle the truths – then come back if you like…

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