we spend billions…

We spend billions in the wrong places.

We spend billions on systems to prevent us from taking the drugs we like to take.

We spend more billions on systems to make us take the drugs that they want us to take.

We spend even more billions of making sure those who are reluctant to take their drugs, do take them,  ignoring and even removing their human rights to just say say ‘no’.

We spend yet more billions on making people dependent, then on blaming them for their dependence.

We spend billions on repeating lies about broken brains and chemical imbalances. and and genes and how close we are to some major scientific breakthrough.

And we spend billions on blaming those who don’t step forward and ask for their help.

Imagine if we took only a small amount of that giant pile of wasted cash and spent it on things that’d actually make a real difference.


…and they say we “lack insight”.

Billions on bollocks – that’s what spending on mental health looks like.
we spend billions 1

we spend billions 2.png

billions on bollocks





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