Trauma means Wound

These days there’s a lot of talk about trauma, and a lot of talking that regards  trauma mistakenly as the thing that happened…  bad shit done by evil persons with evil intent.

We’ve also come to use that understanding to classify trauma- and so traumatised persons themselves – into categories of  how bad was the shit [done by evil persons with evil intent] that happened specifically to them. 

This means that many are being denied access to support.

This talk of trauma as bad shit done by evil people with evil intent holds us back from having grown-up conversations about what it means to be wounded by life, and how we learn to support people in healing their wounds.

It is time for different conversations about trauma, that instead of trapping us as helpless victims help us heal and learn, find our power and move forward .

‘Trauma” means “Wound”.
That’s it, no shit.

If you’ve been wounded by your experiences then you have already demonstrated just how how resilient you are.

They – you know who – will tell you you are a victim of “brain disease” and “chemical imbalance” and call you names and leave you feeling powerless.

Yet we get to choose what we call ourself so why not choose something cool that defies their shit and signifies there is much more to us than what has happened to us and who they say we are…

Wounded warrior.
No shit

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