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One-in-three people suffer paranoia induced by researchers with clipboards on subway

                From our Placebo Psychiatry Correspondent DrKen Placebo   As  my mentor, Dr Stanley Unwin said: ooH!  Frabjous, frabjous Joy! Enfoldiwold manifestunfoldywoldy. Article published in Brexit Journal of Pigeon Pokers:  BJP Article Telegraph: … Continue reading

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A Good Use of Heartbeats – Caleb Behn

An excellent profile by Rebecca Carter on Caleb Behn activist and lawyer. A Good Use of Heartbeats: An Interview With First Nations Activist Caleb Behn Friday, 01 February 2013 00:00By Rebecca Carter, Truthout | Interview  Caleb Behn along the proposed Enbridge … Continue reading

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Spirit of Keith Moon – Peter and The Test Tube Babies

Well a voice spoke to me but it weren’t my own, someone was coming thru’ on the psychic telephone. He said “Hi Arsehole” I’m coming thru’, Peter & The Test Tube Babies – Spirit Of Keith Moon As I stood … Continue reading

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Finding Fanon

Original here:″ href=”″>David Blandy</a> on <a  

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James Joyce, language and stream of consciousness

Iconoclast, rebel, exile, explorer. Here’s a  great introduction to James Joyce from School of life Joyce was born in Dublin a city he both loved and loathed and which became “the universal city in my work” – and even the … Continue reading

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Define: how power-over works…

  In physics, power is the capacity to do work – like lift a weight or boil water to make steam- work is something that might be exploited in some useful in some way. Human systems are far messier and … Continue reading

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The voice you hear when you read silently – Thomas Lux

The Voice You hear When You Read Silently is not silent, it is a speaking- out-loud voice in your head; it is *spoken*, a voice is *saying* it as you read.  It’s the writer’s words, of course, in a literary … Continue reading

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Depression screening tests for children unreliable – d’oh!

Many people believe that the great myriad of mental disorders we can choose from must be diagnosed by some sciencey-seeming test – involving fabulous technology that peers right into the inner workings of our brain to find faulty circuits – … Continue reading

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Tenor Madness – Sonny Rollins & John Coltrane

The only recording of Sonny Rollins and John Coltrane playing together,  May 1956.

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Friends – Suli Breaks

Life is too short to live for other people’s ideas. They say, If you truly want to know yourself, look at your five closest friends. Because you are a reflection of the people you spend most of your time with … Continue reading

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