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Open Call for rebel-performers: MADx – Fri 25th Nov 2016

Open call for Rebel-Performers at MADx Friday Nov 25th 2016 irebel More info: Open Call for rebel-performers: MADx, Fri 25th Nov 2016

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More to dying than meets the eye

Anyone over a certain age has likely had the kind of experience of a family member having died and being laid out in the poshest room of the house for a couple of days. These days that’s not how we … Continue reading

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fish on a hook

I think a lot of us are wriggling.
That’s seen as a kind of illness without the vision of the hooks that we’re bound by.
So it seems that our behaviour is very crazy, when in context it isn’t.
Mike Lawson Continue reading

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The doctor who gave up drugs

What in the west we call “medicine” is not the only medicine:  there are many ways of practising medicine, some of which are more common and have been around for far longer than western “civilisation”.  Indeed if you take a … Continue reading

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Come into my head – Kimbra

There’s a fire burning up in here See the smoke coming out of my ears “Come Into My Head” It’s no use We’re gonna have to fight You’ve thrown your words ‘Round a thousand times Like a child who can’t … Continue reading

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I want you – Cabaret Voltaire

Freak yourself: shake it, shake it Continue reading

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Understanding Trauma – Peter Levine and his Slinky

Peter Levine’s work unlocks our understanding of how trauma works within us – and how we can heal ourselves and find ways to support others in their healing, In this short [6min] clip he uses a slinky to demonstrate how … Continue reading

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Stella’s Place

Teens often find themselves falling outside of mental health services when they turn 18, so individuals and families with loved ones who struggle are left to fend for themselves and navigate labyrinthine systems that often alienate mor ethan they elcome … Continue reading

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a tiny fragment in the vastness of nature

The entire world we apprehend through our senses is no more than a tiny fragment in the vastness of Nature. -Max Planck We tend to think that what humans see, hear, feel is all that there is. Yet it is … Continue reading

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I can hear my father’s voice – Sean Penn

I can hear my father’s voice.
And I can hear a few other voices that have, here since, gone on somewhere. Continue reading

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