a tiny fragment in the vastness of nature


The entire world we apprehend through our senses is no more than a tiny fragment in the vastness of Nature.
-Max Planck

We tend to think that what humans see, hear, feel is all that there is. Yet it is only a tiny proportion of the vast spectrum of the energy and information that is out there to be sensed.

What if some of us are already able to sense more of what’s out there to be seen and heard than most of us would dream or that many of us could dream is even possible ?

What if we could all sense more than we do right now, not with technology which can help and enable us to capture the data that went to produce the image above for instance,  but by choosing to hold ourselves open to that possibility…

Nature is full of variation, diversity if you like.

Variation and diversity is not illness, it’s a gift that challenges our belief that human evolution is the end product of a finished project.


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