Pilot for Amazon TV Show Highston taking a light-hearted look at human diversity and how we try to squeeze it into box.

Highston sees and hears – “invisible friends” – people you might recognize. The pilot episode includes guest appearances from  Flea and Shaq.

There’s some great one liners, especially from Highston’s  dumbfounded parents and from Uncle Billy:
“I feel that if Highston belongs in a psychiatric facility we all belong in a psychiatric facility”.

Great portrayal of grindingly tedious group therapy that would send anyone mad and liberation – an “escape” from the psych facility.

This link is for S1 E1 – The Pilot. It was taken up for a first series, then sadly, soon after was cancelled. 



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  1. Susan says:

    I Loved this. My daughter hears voices. The voices are real. And She’s OK.


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