William Blake

William Blake, poet artist, visionary,  as considered eccentric, mad by contemporaries saw angels, conversed with spirits, saw visions as real as if you were stood in front of him.

william-blake“His was a world in which all of life: imagination, reason, concrete and spiritual worlds were connected – a view completely at odds with the science of the day but which now chimes with some of the thinking emerging with the new milenium” [2000].

His ideas about the interconnectedness of everything mirrors the way science has come round to – there is an inherent mystery and magicality beneath what science can reveal and describe.

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2 Responses to William Blake

  1. Loreen Lee says:

    Thank you Kevin. Yes. Throughout my book I make references to this, my favorite! poet. I was even fortunate to see the collection of his art work that Northrup Frye kept in his office when I worked at Massey College, almost a half century ago, now. It comes after I withdrew a comment from the SN-EN site, in which I attempted! to make the case that insanity was far more preferable to the scientific determinism, etc. etc. and the constant arguments between believers and non-believers that is hosted on that web-site. So, if you think of practical consequences that I can take from you publish this, I shall at least return and copy and paste (if you allow) this article to the continued discussion, in place of the ‘rant’ that I deleted. So thanks. Yes. It fits in also with my rebellion against the “I rebel” theme…. that it sometimes becomes imperative to forgo on the Madness X and go even further down the line with a possible Madness Y and Z. Hope you tell everyone about your adventures in Boston at the up-and-coming hearing of the voices!!!


    • Loreen Lee says:

      It’s OK Kevin. I found a link to a You Tube version!…. But while I think of it – will you allow another attempt at making an ironic! comment. It has been pointed out that those who hear voices are not a minority. I had the thought today, in thinking about the elections, that this comparison could perhaps be extended at times to psychosis, as well. As Nietzsche said: (paraphrase) Insanity within the individual is a rarity but within nations and epochs it can be very common!!!! All the best!!!


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