the professional pushes back

push-backFrom Seth Godin on the true role of “professional.” is to push back against the crap that the system they work in would have them acquiesce.

True professionals don’t just parrot lies and dogma.

True professionals don’t use the power they have to force their ideas on others for an easy life.

True professionals don’t just give in, keep their head down or toe the line, they push back and hold the line for what’s important;  and they support others pushing back and holding the lines

True professionals use their power to make space so others can too.

So if you’re a “Mental Health professional” how do you push back?

  • how do you resist the crap?
  • how do you resist becoming part of the crap? 
  • how do you fight to stay human in a system that would have you become a form-filling, box-ticking robot? 
  • how do you bring your humanity to your work?
  • how do you be both professional and human?

Seth Godin

The professional pushes back

The architect refuses to design the big, ugly building that merely maximizes short term revenue. She understands that raising the average is part of her job.

The surgeon refuses to do needless surgery, no matter how much the client insists. He doesn’t confuse his oath with his income.

The marketer won’t help his client produce a spammy campaign filled with tricks and deceptions, because she knows that her career is the sum of her work.

The statesman won’t rush to embrace the bloodlust of the crowd, because statesmen govern in favor of our best instincts, not our worst ones.

There are plenty of people who will pander, race to the bottom and figure out how to, “give the public what it wants.” But that doesn’t have to be you. Professionals have standards. Professionals push back.


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4 Responses to the professional pushes back

  1. kayakangst says:

    “The carer will look past the symptoms, to see the whole person standing there.”
    Thanks for this post. It’s inspiring.


  2. bertabritz says:

    Thanks for this post. Yes, responsibility to human potential in “professionals” and “non-professionals”–the challenge for sustaining and growing human and natural world needs full participation from all of us.


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