we are all weird

Being Different is why there are so many of us.
But difference is not easy.

We just dont need to live our lives these days conforming to some narrow band in the middle of a widely dispersed distribution of wants, needs, ways of being,  anything.

Not only is it possible to live outside the narrow band, but on the edges and have a life worth living – our life – its why we are here.

Normal is actually what fits under the great normal distribution bell curve in the in sky – everything. 

Seth Godin, talking from a marketing perspective but the ideas are universal, philosophical – of how marketers and businesses are learning this, and having more interesting lives themselves figuring out how to offer more interesting stuff to meet different needs rather than force everyone to buy what they find easiest to make, ship and sell to us.

We are all weird is a book too…

We Are All Weird:
The Myth of Mass and The End of Compliance.





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