we do not perceive the world as we see it…


Same goes for hearing.

Just because you have not yet learned to hear some of the many voices that there are to hear in this universe does not mean others have not – or  that you cannot.

We are more than machine – more than a recording device. “We do not passively take in sensory data from the world around us and record it like a camera. There is something like that going on in the eye, of course” Peter Senge. There is much more to seeing than the eye and there is much more to hearing than the ears.

We each perceive the world differently. What we perceive in this moment is characteristic of everything we have experienced up to this point – and that is “characteristic of a living system”.

We each see hear smell feel the way in our own unique way. Some of us believe that their way of seeing is the only way, the correct way to see, that they are the arbiter of what can be seen, and that those who see differently are a problem.

And that, that is their problem.

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