rage, careful where you point it….

Rage is important, our mind-body-spirit telling us something important is not right.

It is also mighty powerful and let-loose can do a lot of harm.

Thích Nhất Hạnh talks of how anger is like a potato – poisonous if eaten raw- yet if we take time to cook it then it nourishes us,  gives us energy over a sustained period – so we can act in the world. 

If we can notice our rage rising and point where it does less harm – if we make use of the high energy we can feel in our body in some way, like go for a rum a brisk walk, punch a bag- essentially move our body using up the burst of energy we can give ourselves space to more fully understand what our rage is saying to us.

Then we can clear a path to focus on doing what we can do what needs done to change what needs to be changed.

And powerful the memory of the rage helps us remember why we’re doing it .

Scott, eventually learns to handle his power and uses it as cyclops.

Since humans began telling stories, the stories we tell limit us or enable us. 

Potatoes or mutant superpowers, each story alone is more useful than that told by purveyors of the old chestnut, the great egregious myth of “chemical imbalance” – the one they say they never did tell – and yet still do.

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