CRAZYWISE – documentary trailer

Phil Borges is a photographer filmmaker storyteller whose work takes him all over the globe.
Much of his work is documenting human rights stories of peoples from other cultures than the one that increasingly dominates the surface of our planet, so much so we easily trick ourselves into believing it’s the only one.

Over many years he came to meet with people all round the world who had never met each other but had somewhat similar experiences
Those that we might call “Shamen” often begin their journey of becoming one in early adulthood having difficult experiences.

In these communities and cultures the way of handling that is to regard it as special, take the person under wing of elders who help them learn how to handle these experiences and learn from then and they become useful, powerful,  to the community

Our western “civilisation” has dominated the globe for centuries almost on obliterating different ways of being and understanding.  Before we manage to eradicate them completely, maybe its time we learned from them.

What if we could assume that difficult experiences are something we can learn how to live with even come to learn how to value for the deep insights they can offer us…?

Phil Borges has for a few years now been lovingly making a documentary- it’s finished, here’s the trailer….

<p><a href=”″>CRAZYWISE Trailer</a> from <a href=””>Phil Borges</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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