Diagnostical Bolloxupification

If the institution and business of psychiatry can make up disorders “because we could” then we can make up names for what that their doing that does to we humans.

Neologism is not, as they would have it, a “symptom” of “illness” but the very process of language- every word was once a new word – a neologism.

The whole point of a diagnosis is that it helps understand what’s going on, how we got here, what we might do to get outta here…

If a diagnosis is useful that way then it’s, er, of some use. Thing is, though,  most of us find at some point that’s not the case and the diagnosis is not really that useful, or even worse, its limiting or even damaging to our personhood.

It’s really easy to get trapped into becoming the diagnosis, at least in the eyes of others, and once in there,  more difficult to get out of than a grizzly-sized bear trap.

And even where it is of some use, the diagnosis can blind us to the human experience of the person at the centre of struggling with being in the world.
it can certainly blind-side us into seeing only the category that a diagnosis names and to which we consign puts a person into- so  that we no longer see the person- and their experience and pain of being in the world


There are many ways to bollox something up.

Diagnostical bollocks sure can bollox up a life.

In short if, a diagnosis is useful to you – helping you make sense and helping you move forward then go for it.

If it isn’t useful to you- if its not helping you make sense, helping you move forward then it’s likely boxing you in:  diagnostical bollocks that’s bolloxing you up and bolloxing up your life.

And diagnostical bolluxupification is the process of being fucked over by diagnosis.

Never Mind the Bollocks, eh?

BW all the best, mate.


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