Montreal – Hearing Voices Training Workshops – April 2017

We are very pleased to announced that working with Montreal’s  Prise II and other community partners we are  able to offer our popular workshops for the first time in Montreal – so taking first steps in connecting  work supporting those who struggle in Canada’s two largest cities…


Thanks to Prise II providing their space and other support – meaning we get to focus on the content and learning – and also that we can offer you opportunity to participate at reduced price.

Please note that these workshops will be offered in English and with a funny accent.

Two workshops, two stages

accepting-voices-mntreal-april-2017-posterWorkshop #1 Accepting Voices

Mon 3rd April 2017
This workshop is designed for anyone who works with or supports in any way individuals who hear voices and struggle with their experience.

  • Offers a non-diagnostic way of understanding experiences that can be difficult to navigate and that get called names like “psychosis”
  • Offers you ways to connect your own experience with experiences others live with that are made taboo and difficult to talk about, by finding some common connection with whatever you do experience.
  • Designed to enable you to be better able and more confident to offer yourself as a one-person safe-space to a person you support who lives with experiences like voices that we have been taught to fear.
  • Provides the first step, or foundation for further learning…

For full description see here for easy-print pamphlet on #1 Accepting Voices

Workshop #2 Working With Voices

Wed 5th and Thu 6th April
If you have been successful in offering yourself as a one-person safe-space then you may begin to find that people you support begin asking you to accompany them in exploring and making sense of their experience.

When that happens you will likely find yourself wondering “ok, what can we do?”
This workshop is designed for that space-time and offers you

  • Build a deeper understanding of common relationships between difficult life experiences and difficult experience with voices.
  • Try out a handful of approaches that can be selected from and combined in any combination to explore and make sense of difficult experiences.
  • Embark on a creative and exploratory, reflective and sense making, in whatever way makes sense to the person whose life is at the center.
  • A map for exploring and reclaiming our power and as a useful tool and language for easing communicating and making choices together.

The approach is always that the person hearing the voices is the one making the choices for example about what they do, how much, and when.

For full description see here for easy-print pdf pamphlet on Workshop #2 Working With Voices

Please note that #2 Working With Voices follows on from Workshop #1 Accepting Voices. You will need to have participated to join us in this workshop.


Accepting Voices                      $100
Working With Voices             $300

Go Combo…
Early Bird Combo deal –         $350 total

Limited availability “Early bird” discount
If you book both workshops before 11.30pm Feb 28th you can save $50 on Working With Voices. Limited quantity available.


Registration is online and  open now.



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We believe people can and do recover from "mental illness" - because we are living it. We believe in the power of supporting each other: learning from and with each other. You are welcome to join us..
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