Reclaiming our Bodies and Minds

Free your ass and your mind will follow
Free your mind and your ass will follow

Honored to be invited to present today with very good friend Jonathan Balazs at Reclaiming Bodies and Minds at Ryerson University in Toronto…

Hearing Voices – Unseen UnHeard


Hearing Voices: Unheard and Unseen

Time:              Saturday, March 11 from 2:00pm-3:30pm
Location:      Thomas Lounge, Student Campus Centre
Facilitators: Kevin Healey and Jonathan Balazs

Description:  Hearing voices is a remarkably common human experience yet one that has been mystified and demonized and made taboo, meaning many more struggle than need to and many are isolated meaning their already difficult experience is made more difficult.

Likewise those of us who do hear voices are stereotyped demonized and discriminated against for being too different.

In this session, there will be a showing of selected clips from the documentary They Heard Voices, a film about exploring the hearing voices movement, psychosis and the “schizophrenia” label.

The film attempts to challenge assumptions about the disorder with clarifying issues surrounding what gets called “psychosis”, the historical  significance of diagnoses.

The film will be followed by a dialogue on the hearing voices movement and also outlining key ideas and ongoing work in the community to reclaim experience, language and space, bodies and minds.



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