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Hold On – Nightwulf

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There is Hope: evidence base

Concrete proof of Hope . Continue reading

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SBAD Innit?

That olde trope given new diagnostic legitimacy by the same process as any other psychiatric  diagnosis – we just made some shit up. Before you give yourself a psychiatric diagnosis, check first that you are not just surrounded by assholes … Continue reading

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Rollin in The Deep – Linkin Park


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Hold on – Nightwulf

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Hearing Voices Cafe: Toronto, Fall 2017

Many social movements have their origins in cafes, Toronto’s Hearing Voices Cafe is one such… ” Matt Galloway CBC Metro Morning
Join us for a different kind of conversation about whet it means to be human in this world. Continue reading

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Colonialism is a factory in which madness is manufactured

  Achille Mbembe talking about the importance of Franz Fanons’ ideas in today’s world and his own emerging ideas, which he says are “preliminary”, and only “sketched-out” around what he calls the  “politics of viscerality”- how the political situation or … Continue reading

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Carnval des Voix comes to Oshawa, Ontario

Big Yo! to all the peeps and voices who came out for Carnival des Voix yesterday.
In Oshawa, Ontario. Continue reading

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Listening as Healing – Margaret Wheatley

This one of my favourite articles, one of those I try to make a point of reading again every now and then. Margaret Wheatley on listening- such a simple act, an act of generosity. Listening is healing for both the … Continue reading

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What we need to talk about is…

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