Zen-ass-dude in The Pain Cave

Taylor Phinney, “zen-ass-dude” and pro-cyclist and time-trial specialist on how all the voices in his head are “bread-and-butter “

“you kinda got to get to that point to be able to win any of these bike races”.

The image above gives an idea just how much pain, scars remaining from surgery after a high-speed crash in 2014 .

[At about 1:15min]

On being asked about how, unusually these days in pro racing,  he rides without radio communications:

“I just find that I have a lot of voices in my head already,
inserting somebody else’s voice
who I may or may not wanna hear
when I’m in the depths of the pain cave
just doesn’t really do much for me.”

Interviewer Si:

“What are the inner voices telling you, is it like a balance…
‘go faster’..
‘this is hurting?’
or is it depending on how good you’re feeling on your bike…?
or is that too much insight?”

Taylor Phinney:

“No, its like your classical balance of 
“you got this” 
“you should retire: today”

this is the bread and butter of time trailing”

“pushing yourself to the point of …
retirement but then at the same time you kinda got to get to that point to be able to win any of these bike races”

You’ll also hear some top tips about speed and comfort and aerodynamic tuck  .

“Find comfort, you’ll ride faster”

“Be a slave to speed, if anything”

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