SBAD Innit?

That olde trope given new diagnostic legitimacy by the same process as any other psychiatric  diagnosis – we just made some shit up.

Before you give yourself a psychiatric diagnosis, check first that you are not just surrounded by assholes
– right?

If you got it bad then that ain’t good..
Find relief from knowing it now has the legitimacy of being as-real-a-diagnosis as any other…

Diagnose yersel, diagnose your friends and family…
Are you not MAD,  but fukn furious?
Do you get irritated by all the bollocks?
or just plain tired of all the shyte?
or have you been just-pissed-off for more than 13¾ days?
had the grumps on a regular basis for as long as you can remember?
even slightly miffed for a while?
or just left out because ono other diagnosis quite fits?

Try adding SBAD to your psychiatric-soup-n-salad identity-mixr.

Ask yourself…
When you look around you, does everyone look like a penis?
Do all the penises yell and insist on telling you whats wrong with you?
Do the penises tell you what to do? who to be?

Take comfort, you are not alone.
It’s not you,
its your disorder.

There is no cure,
but, blessedly, thankfully 

evidence based medicine shows us
There is hope.
Whatever that is,
where ever you find it
its there.

good luck.

You are not alone,

you’re just surrounded by assholes…

Surrounded By Assholes Disorder: SBAD

Find self-diagnosis kits everywhere.


Side effects: taking any medication may cause your actual asshole to seriously malfunction, discomfort, leading to tightness, looseness, itchyness, embarrassment,
oh, and death.

Black Box Warning

No medication sold as “Anti-Asshole” medication has been shown to be in the least bit effective against any asshole let alone the increasingly common Medication-Resistant Asshole.

Your only real escape is a private space ship to slip these surly bonds.
So let’s hope you’re some kinda rich asshole, eh?

Here’s to assholes everywhere!

Dr Ken is not a “real” “Doctor”, it’s just his name
but he sure can be a right asshole.

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