There is Hope: evidence base

Even in a world of “evidence based medicine” you’ll always hear people tell you
“there is hope”.

reverse dalekEven when they put on their best Walmart Greeter/MH Worker face, you can tell they have no idea what it means and they sound like the Dalek who’s just got back from newly  mandated gender sensitivity training and is trying a bit too hard…

There is Hope!
There is Hope!
There is Hope!

ok, so we get it but…
Where’s the evidence, eh?

Well, here is the evidence base for Hope…

Get your eye holes on this, seethee: this is Hope Valley in Derbyshire. *[Click on the pic it’s big]

Finding Hope

Seethee, Hope even has a railway station with a sign telling you where it is and when you’ve found it…

You can tell by the look on his face, this Kevin Smith lookalike guy sure found it…

Solid as…

And, as if that’s not enough evidence for you, if you identify as, like, some kinda “evidence junky”, “evidence hound” or “follow-the-evidence-hipster” and you want concrete proof then know that this evidence base is solid, because its made of concrete.

Hope, seethee,  also has a cement works called, funnily enough, “Hope Cement Works”.
Or, short version: “Hope Works”.

It is right there in the huge pic above but here’s a close-er up view.

There you go, concrete proof that There is Hope.
and that Hope Works.

And that’s quite a bit more evidence than “evidence based medicine” ever came up with.


*= for American readers especially it’s pronounced Dar-bee-shur .

And if you know of a more picturesquely situated cement works then please, share the pics cuz we could all use a little more Hope.

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