Chokehold: Stop and Frisk

Black people are many times more likely to be given a diagnoses of “mental illness” especially those involving what gets called “psychosis”.

No wonder.

This from an excellent series in The Guardian, Paul Butler looks at policing in US, which may be more extreme than in other countries, but really, not entirely different.

This part focuses on Stop and Frisk / Search and impact on black men in particular.

Paul Butler in The Guardian.
Chokehold: in four Parts
Aug 2017
Part Three: Stop n Frisk

Stop and Frisk

“For African American men, stop-and-frisk is a form of government. It is the most visceral manifestation of the state in their lives.

Most black men have never been convicted of a crime.

About half of black men get arrested at some point during their lives.

But virtually every African American man gets stopped-and-frisked.”


Full article at

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