Normal is that which none of us quite are

Sure, I’ve never seen an average day
I’ve never met a normal man or woman

Professor Timothy FX Finnegan called
“Murphy’s first fundamental finding”.

Couldn’t find an average man
couldn’t find an average woman
couldn’t even find an average dog

I’ve never saw an average dog
I never saw a normal human being

Nothing is normal

The normal and the average
are statistical abstractions
that don’t actually exist.

There are no normal people,
any more than there are normal dogs, normal giraffes
normal events, normal days, average …

Nobody is the average size
Nobody is the average weight

These are all pure fictions.

The normal is that which none of us quite are…



More on Sean Murphy and Prof Timothy FX Finnegan.

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  1. maieliiv says:

    I love almost everything you post – don’t always comment – too busy trying to keep psychiatrists from killing people – sad and frustrated and overwhelmed. All the best, hope to see you soon.


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