Dancing With My Inner Critic – Steve Chapman

“This talk isn’t very good.”

“Thoughts” “voice”, inner voice” “inner critic” –  whatever you call yours there are at least as many ways of learning to live with it as there are ways of learning to live amongst humans.

Many will tell you to dominate, overcome, ignore, fight, yell at, ignore, drug-em up-  in a squillion versions of  “push-through”,  “get-over-it”,  thinks and talk your way out” and any of which might work for you -at least sometimes at any rate,.
Or you might find that they actually lock you into an escalation or arms race that takes much of your attention and most of your energy.

What if non of those might-is-right approaches work for you and yours?
at lest not all the time.
What else could you try?

How about a creative approach like learning to dance?

Steve Chapman on fighting, resisting his inner critic  ..until one day he made a puppet of it and was “able to have a adult conversation”.

And learned to dance with it…

Here he is below with his inner critic…

There’s also aw blog, which is of course, not very good either:

Can Scorpions Smoke



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