What if we could…

What if…

We could interpret the voices a person hears,
– and especially those most difficult to hear –
as well as any difficult thoughts and sensations
and beliefs and feelings that they might experience
and that we might regard as ‘unusual’…

as if they were part of some kind of
‘map’, or  ‘collage’, or ‘mash-up’
or even a mirror…

of the person’s life…

of the pain that they hold inside…?

of all the people who’ve played a part…?

and all the ways that they’ve been treated…?

and that even though these may may seem to
fragment and collide in ways that seem to us
haphazard and chaotic – or perhaps
especially because they do just that –

that we can learn to understand how
they do make perfect sense
in a very human way?

Well, you can.

So what’s holding you back
from doing just that ?

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