Baboons in The Whitehouse…

“Donald trump has been brought to us so we can be  really clear on  what too much privilege looks like.”

Anonymous 14 year old.

The quote below is from Dr Robert Sapolsky, he’e referring specifically to baboons, more specifically to one troop of baboons he has been observing in the wild for four decades –  but of course, it applies equally to humans.

Much of our society is built on this same pattern, endless variations on it.
They’re not just in The Whitehouse.

The few at the top get to see themselves as having worked hard to get what they have – and it is hard work holding onto it all, having to constantly be on guard and pushing everyone else out of the tree. 

It’s within us too.
As is the capacity to choose a different path. 

It doesn’t have to be this way.


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