Grounding Trauma Conference 2018 : Challenging Paradigms. 17th, 18th April 2018

Very pleased to have been invited to co-present with Jennifer Wynne a the CAST Grounding Trauma Conference 2018.

Neither trauma nor difficult experiences that called names like “psychosis” are as mysterious or hard to understand as many experts would have you believe.

We’ll be sharing ways we can understand experiences of trauma, pain an difficult-to-hear voices that get separated by medical climical apporaches but whichg are intimately connected within our bodies and embodied experience and also within our communities even across generations.

We’ll tell stories of  personal experiences, learning and collective work building a whole-community approach in Southern Ontario as well as looking ahead to World Hearing Voices Congress coming to Canada in 2019.

Early bird savings on registration available til Mon Jan 22nd

See link to conference website at the bottom of this post.

Hearing Voices In Southern Ontario, A Journey

Presenters: Kevin Healey, Jennifer Wynne

The Workshop

This workshop invites you to challenge paradigms – including the paradigm that what we need is more solutions and paradigms.We invite you to join in creating new stories around “trauma” and experiences that get called “psychosis”, shifting language, bringing together and connecting people, generating new resources, spaces, understandings and practices and exploring new and emancipatory roles for all.Drawing on a forty-year history of a global movement, seven years in Toronto and one year in Durham region we will share stories, ideas, language, examples and resources you can share too.We invite you to join us in envisioning and enacting a world that understands and accepts individual experience and views the person sharing their experience as the expert.
talks, stories, powerful visuals, short video, and experiential, reflective exercises.

We need to stop assuming that those things that we are describing
are the consequences of underlying illnesses.”

                                                                                                             Peter Kinderman


Kevin Healey
Recovery Network Toronto
Hearing Voices Network Canada

Kevin hears more voices than you can shake a stick at, so many that even his voices hear voices, and has done so for longer than either he or they care to remember.

Founder and coordinator of, Toronto Hearing Voices group, Anglophone Canada’s longest running, and of the Hearing Voices Café.

Creates and delivers innovative, taboo-busting talks, trainings and workshops that enable people to find new language, and simple ways to understand surprisingly common human experiences that we’ve made so fearful and taboo, that we make life harder for those who struggle and harder for the rest of us to understand.

Shows how we can make simple sense of trauma, pain, psychosis, taboo, and butt-hurt voices, and how they interweave and interconnect our inner-struggle with living in an outer-world that is fast becoming unfit for humans who built it and in which we keep creating results that nobody wants.
After you’ve heard him talk you may join those who say they don’t hear voices but now wish they could.

A member of the global Hearing Voices Network and leading spokesperson in Canada and honoured to receive the first INTERVOICE International Annual Award for Innovation at the World Hearing Voices Congress in Paris, Oct 2016. Also Coordinator for the Toronto branch of ISPS-US International Society for Social Psychological Approaches to Psychosis.

HVN celebrates 30 years in 2018 in The Hague, The Netherlands, then in 2019, World Congress will be coming to Canada. We invite you to join us as we envision and enact a world that understands…


Jennifer Wynne
CMHA Durham Senior Case Manager, Community Wellness Services

Jennifer has worked in the Mental Health field in various capacities, such as forensics, crisis, housing, outreach, case management and youth for close to fifteen years.  She is passionate about client-centred care and strives to promote systemic change that will revolutionize the way that we see mental health care in the future.  She believes that those with lived experience can provide the best expertise to drive change.  Jennifer has been interested in the Hearing Voices movement for over 7 years, but has more recently become involved by co-developing and facilitating a Hearing Voices Café and chartered group in Durham Region.  Jennifer is currently a Senior Case Manager at CMHA Durham and helps to manage a team of Youth Case Managers, Peer Supporters and Clinical Facilitators.  Jennifer invites you to join in on a society that encompasses those that experience things considered out of the norm, as full citizens and open up spaces that make it easier to talk about our experiences – even the most taboo ones.


About recoverynetwork:Toronto

We believe people can and do recover from "mental illness" - because we are living it. We believe in the power of supporting each other: learning from and with each other. You are welcome to join us..
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