If I hear a voice you don’t hear…


Howsoever, whensoever and whencesoever it emerges,
if it speaks, sings, mumbles, murmurs, mutters or utters,
words, barely words and even not-words,
then it might be something we could call
a “voice”…

It’s up to those who hear it to decide what they call it,
or its up  the voice, because sometimes
if you ask
they will tell what they like to be called
even then, if you hear it,
always get
to decide
you call it.

is just
a name
we might
to name
we can

And we  do experience the world in our uniquely personal way.
we do each experience the world in many, many ways
and, so
only we can choose.

“Thinking” is sometimes called the
“voice inside”
“my inner voice”
and we tend to regard what we call “thinking” as
“my” own voice.
hearing that voice has sometimes been called,
“basic” consciousness.
What if more voices is more consciousness?
Maybe more than we can handle
at this time
because we’ve yet to learn how…
What if we could learn?

At times, if it doesn’t feel like our own “thinking”,
if it doesn’t feel like “my” voice
and we like neither what it says,
nor how it says it,
we might call that a
“daemon” voice.

We, each of us, divide the universe in the same way:
me /not me
yet we each draw that line between
in a different place,
and sometimes we move it.

If we like hearing it [a voice] then some call that a “positive voice”

And if we don’t like it ,
then we’re told that is  “negative voice”
What if it’s the same voice?
Do you cleave humans
Positive human negative human
Zero human.
Whole human.

Who’s to say?
negative voice or negative hearer?

Somedays, I’m positive some days I’m negative
Most days I’m both and each a thousand times
and, if I move the line between then
“positive” -“negative”
is just a pair of words
that don’t really mean much at all.

“Negative” schmegative
What if we could learn to like it ?
What if we could learn to give space to what we don’t like?
What if we could find our power?
power tit el ourselves no matter what we’re ok.
and get to someplace that’s easier..

A voice I hear
is but a voice I hear
what I make of it
and what I do
is all mine,
all me.

What if we could learn how to support people in finding their power?
What if when someone trusts you enough, confides in you
and says to you they hear a voice [that you don’t hear]
Instead of reaching for your phone to call emergency services
you could instead say something like …

“Cool, I wonder what they say.”

If I hear a voice you don’t hear
then how come the default understanding
is that there is something wrong with me?
When it seems to me
you might have a problem with your ability to hear.


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