Voices don’t just come from human bodies…

Voices don’t just come from human bodies.

What voice says that voices can only come from a human body?
The universe has many voices.
Some do involve humans.

A cellist has a unique way of playing,

the sound, the phrasing, the energy, emotions conveyed,
this is it is termed their “voice” as a musician.
even the cello itself that they play is also said to have a voice.

And similar is true for may instrumentalists and their instruments.

A writer has a particular, unique, characteristic, ” voice”.

That voice comes from a pen, a keyboard…

Many people who are born deaf
and who have never heard a human voice
[not in the conventional sense of sound waves hitting their ear drum]
will  hear voices that no one else hears.

And, of course, often
they will have their experience dismissed,
by other humans.

Humans do like to do that kind of thing to other humans.


If you’re reading this,
then you might not “hear” me
-in teh limited sense fo variations of sound-pressure-waves made by a human voice hitting your ear drums then being converted mechanically-electro-chemically into meaning that you you both create and interpret…

but if you did get this far then you’ve been hearing
the words of a “voice”…

or if you prefer it…

the words of a “symptom” of “psychosis”

So what does that make you?

Voices hear voices too…
We might be hearing yours, right now.

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