An uncommon story – Asante Haughton

Asante Haughton  pretty damn dope at TEDx Youth@Toronto.


 Asante Haughton

Pretty damn dope but you know my story, it’s a common story for a lot of kids around the world but the ending of my story is not very common.

Most young people who have story similar to mine don’t have a happy ending.

So what can we do then to do better for these young people ?

and I thought about what if we said to them instead of saying:
“What’s wrong with you ?”

What if we said
“What’s wrong?”

What if we designed our services to be more proactive than reactive? 

What if instead of waiting for them to show up on our doorsteps we went and we showed up on theirs?

I think these things could make a huge difference.

So I challenge any adults who might be listening
to make space for young people to tell their stories
and for young people who might be struggling to tell your stories
because I think stories can save lives.
I know that telling mine I was able to save my life.

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