Trying to control the mind is like trying to flatten out water – Prince Ea

Trying to control the mind is like trying to flatten out water

Prince Ea

So your mind is outta control, huh?
You wanna control the mind?
Well, guess what?
You can’t do it.
Nobody can do it.

Trying to control the mind is like trying to flatten out water
you just make more waves.

because that’s the nature of the ocean,
it has waves
it has crashing.

You don’t say:

“there should be no waves in the ocean”

Well, the natural state of the mind is
full of thought,
mental noise
Once you accept that
the easier it will be to go beyond it.

Because you are not the mind,
you have a mind.
If you were the ocean why would you identify as a wave?
It’s just a wave.

Well, you are the at which observes
Stop identifying as thoughts
It’s just a thought.

And what is every thought made of?

You bring it to life
with the attention you give it.
The ones we have trouble with
are the ones we keep putting our attention to

Stressful thought come like a knock on eth door
and you keep lett’n em in
or you say:
I don’t want you to come, in I want you to stay out.
And that makes them knock even louder.

So both aversion and attraction
feed, and multiply
The secret is
just don’t mind the mind.

Know that this is eth natrual state of teh mind.
Don’t feed it.

You do that not by control..
Just hold your ground
and the thoughts will
go away.


stay as you are
the silence between two thoughts…





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