The Strength of Women | Little Girls Don’t Stay Little Forever – Erin May Kelly


Erin May Kelly reads herd her poem The Strength of Women |Why Little Girls Don’t Stay Little Forever.

I watched on the TV Kyle Stevens…
and she said:

“Little girls don’t stay little forever.
they turn into strong Women and return to destroy your world”
And I hope that every little girl knows
that she is capable of destruction

That for every big thing
that will try and hurt her
she can out swim it

That for every law
that will try and oppress her
she can fight it.

That she can stand inches away
from the thing that tried to kill her
and show it how enormously
it failed.

I hope she knows
that the moment she was born 
she was given a list of things 
that she cannot do
because she is small
and breakable

and female

And I hope she reads about all those women 
who shoved that list into their mouth
chewed it up 
and spat it out.

Because they did not
we shit to the world
that thought so little
of  teenage girls.

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