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What if we could learn to listen, really listen, to feel and to hold each other’s pain…?

Hearing voices is in our society typically regarded as unusual and only experienced when a person is said to have a “mental illness” when it is in fact very common human experience, and one that is both infinitely varied and … Continue reading

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How some humans listen…

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Whenever we take it upon ourselves to decide for another…

Whenever we take it upon ourselves to decide for another of us what they need we take away their power to decide for themselves. We reduce the space in which they can be human. We reduce the space the space … Continue reading

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The Rain Song – Jimmy Page and Robert Plant

Upon us all, upon us all a little rain must fall Just a little rain, oh Ooh, yeah-yeah-yeah…     The Rain Song- Lyrics It is the springtime of my loving The second season I am to know You are … Continue reading

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Trauma and the Goldilocks zone…

Are you traumatized enough? …too much? … or just the right amount? …”to qualify for services” Specifically, “…to qualify for inclusion” in a study being conducted into into a new therapeutic approach advertising itself as “trauma informed therapy”. What it … Continue reading

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Remembering is not required – Babette Rothschild

From Babette Rothschild… No3 in Series from the book:  8 Keys to safe trauma recovery. This below is from the series of short videos summarising the book.   #3 Remembering is Not Required “One of the holes we have in … Continue reading

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Bodies with voices, and voices without bodies

It is not the case that some people with bodies are “voice hearers” and some are “not-voice hearers” . The categorization is false –  #fake, made up. Are you an “air breather” or a not-air breather? Its similar. Everyone can … Continue reading

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you are not alone…

This post is, in part, a response to an excellent article in Asylum magazine in which Akiko Hart expresses some concerns about the nature of the discourse in “mental health”, and makes a call for less concern with being right … Continue reading

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Beware “The Thing”

That thing… When we find the thing, that thing, the thing that “works for me” it can be liberating, freeing. It can also hold us in a trap.       “We’re caught in a trap.” -Elvis   No thing … Continue reading

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Talkin’ Talk – D’Sound

  Talkin talk is not just talk being there is half the walk.. Lyrics: Talkin Talk – D’Sound Talkin-talk is not just talk Being there is half the walk If you wanna know yourself / stay with me You gotta … Continue reading

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