Beware “The Thing”

That thing…

When we find the thing, that thing, the thing that “works for me” it can be liberating, freeing.
It can also hold us in a trap.




“We’re caught in a trap.”


No thing will be The Thing…

Whatever it is, and no matter how much it does work for you it will not be the only thing you do or find you need do.

-because no thing can be the only thing: The Thing.

More, we can find ourselves slipping into the thought-trap that says because it works for me then that’s what others also need. We can find ourselves pushing the thing – our thing – on others, even evangelizing about the thing that became The Thing.

The thing becomes a hammer we see the world through hammer-tinted-glasses and every other thing looks like a nail that needs us to hammer it.


Its not about the thing

Thing is, important as it is to you now,  is not about the thing. There will be other things too.

Thing is, it’s never  about the thing.
It is about you got to find your thing and you got to decide, and you get to say  “this is my thing”, “this works for me”.

And, especially when it comes to supporting others its not about your thing – its about the fact you found it, that you got to decide “this is my thing”, “this is the thing that works for me”.

And they don’t need your thing just to hear that you found your thing – and space to find their own thing and decide for themselves.
No matter what their thing turns out to be, it their thing, not yours.

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