Bodies with voices, and voices without bodies

It is not the case that some people with bodies are “voice hearers” and some are “not-voice hearers” .

The categorization is false –  #fake, made up.

Are you an “air breather” or a not-air breather? Its similar.

Everyone can hear voices. And not all voices have bodies – especially human bodies.

Most people with bodies will hear a voice without a body at some point in their life. How they experience that is very individual, and intimate, even intensely personal, and it is as varied as the whole gamut of human experiences.

Every person you meet will leave some kind of “impression” in/on you.
As too, you will leave some kind of impression in/on them.

Sometimes its subtle, sometimes bloody obvious, sometimes it feels helpful, supportive, sometimes it feels downright scary.

Whether you acknowledge it or even notice it [and not saying you’re required to], it is there.

Some might call that “spirit”.

The difference in how we might experience what we experience is within what it all means to the person hearing what they hear, especially how it relates to ideas about self and how we fit with the culture we find ourselves immersed in,  surrounded by.

If we have meanings imposed upon us by our culture that we find unhelpful then we can find ourselves trapped, isolated, powerless, called all kinds of names, vilified, discriminated against, etc etc….

As Dr Marius [and Intervoice] puts it “the problem” is not hearing voices, but that some people struggle and are left to deal with it alone, offered no opportunity to explore and make sense of whatever they do experience and no opportunity to learn ways of living with difficult experiences in ways they can be ok and live their life…

…this renders the person more powerless, more isolated.. etc
trapped in a vicious cycle.

It’s not really about the voices, or about hearing them – it’s about how some people are separated off and rendered powerlessness by their culture /society
– and one way we can experience the pain of that.

So how about we make a choice and stick with it
– to stop separating people off, categorizing them, calling them names and rendering them powerless,


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