“Consensus reality” is Major Major reality reality…

‘Experiences that fall outside of “consensus reality”…’

Tis an odd thing to say, eh?

There is no such thing as “consesus reality”.
For sure, when it comes to “mental health”
there is no consensus
Maybe that’s a good thing.

There is instead a great many
seeking to impose
their language,
their world view,
their ‘reality’
their will
…upon others.

Consensus does not mean:
“I think we can all agree [with me]”

Consensus requires that everyone give their consent
– that is what it means.

Consensus =    consent + consent + consent + consent + consent
…………….+ consent + consent + consent + consent + consent
…………… etc.

Consensus does not mean “majority”
-especially the kind of majority declared without an actual vote or count.

Consensus is many acts of giving consent
and consent is a conversation.

So for there to be anything like a  consensus reality
that mans about 7,500,000,000,000 people need to give you their consent
that your idea of reality is the one we’ll call “the consensus reality”.
How’s that working out for you?

When people use terms like  “consensus reality”
and especially terms like “outside consensus reality”
what they seek to do
is impose their idea or version of reality on the rest
– and especially upon those they deem “outside”
their reality.

Majority reality is, maybe more accurate term, as in:
“This is the reality I’m  in
and it’s the reality that the people I know are in
the reality people like me are in,
and so it must be  reality:
“The One Reality”
and you you should be in too.

It’s an exertion of power,
an act of dominance,
an act of violence.

It’s a bit dumb.

The majority, self appointed arbiters claim “mandate” to  then ignore and dehumanize the rest, declare them illegal, declare their reality not real.
-ain’t democracy grate?

Major Major reality
Major Major lived in his own reality too and sought,
using what very little power he had from his position and rank,
to impose his will on others.
Major major fuck up
-was his reality.

Your reality is yours,
unique to you

and as real as any other.
Go reality.

Shared reality
Now we’re talking, those parts of your own unique reality reality that are yours but that you also share with others and theirs.
Sharing is good,

Difference is good too.
The differences are not wrong
– they are where we learn from and with each other.

This clip is from the Movie Catch 22 adapted from the book Catch 22 and features Major Major midst his reality reality.


Humberto Maturana, biologist and Nobel Prize winning biologist puts it:

“When one person
tells another what is reality
what they are doing is

making a demand
for obedience.”


or, if you prefer, Homer Simpson:

“Kiss my flat, plastic butt reality!”


-The Dave

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